Welcome to Eagerterrier.

As you can see, this site is pretty lame.

I do great work though, so please go straight to the portfolio page or visit Hop Toy Shop or Patrick Harrison for good examples of my work.

It's not good enough to say the site isn't how I want it because I don't have enough time: There's always enough time if you want to do something.

Truth is I probably haven't had a decent idea for the site and I have let it slide. But the good news for the 10 visitors a day is that I've put the site onto version control and will start breaking it down shortly to make it into something web 2.0 or 2.1 or 4.7.

Latest Blog Posts

google redesigns its SERPs (to make ads less obvious)

In an apparent move intended to be evil, Google have just rolled out a new SERP interface. First impressions are: Although it seems to have more space, it also seems to make everything harder to read Ads are very much more ‘discreet’ (ie they blend in with the ‘organic’ listings) The Goooooooooogle pagination no longer […]

Where do the coordinates in Oblivion take you? To the house of the visual effects supervisor

I watched the Tom Cruise Sci-Fi movie, Oblivion the other day and wondered, in a geeky sort of way, where the co-ordinates that flash up on a computer screen transpose to. Set in a dystopian¬†future, a shuttle falls to earth at a long/lat of¬†41.146576,-73.975739. And that equates to 17 Mein Drive. Now, if I were […]

Just how accurate is Alexa? We compare Google Analytics to Amazon’s ‘Web Information Company’

Alexa vs Reality I’d always wondered how closely Alexa’s traffic graphs mirror reality. In a recent article on how the Sun’s traffic was diving uncontrollably, I used an Alexa comparison graph to illustrate my point but I’d never really put the time in to measure its statistics. I think it’s about time that I did. […]